What Are Your Training Needs?

Courses/workshops on progressive education coming soon: Please feed back as to what content and format you require.

Progressive Education is collaborating with Holistic Learning and Mindful Magic, along with some other inspiring individuals and organisations to bring you online sessions on:-

  • How students learn.
  • How to build on students’ natural learning ability and curiosity.
  • How to make the most of your role as teacher/facilitator/tutor/co-learner in any setting.
  • How educators can build upon their existing pedagogy to develop strategies for inquiry-based, student-led, creative learning.

Perhaps you’re a teacher, home educating parent or parent of a young person at school and you want to know how to better support your students’ learning.

If you were going to do an online course or workshop to learn more, what content and format would you be looking for?

Please complete this short survey (10 questions), so we can best tailor the sessions to your needs: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GYRPKRQ

(N.B. Questions 9 and 10 have two parts each. Please answer both parts a and b.)

Thank you!

Details of the forth coming sessions will be posted on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group.

For more information about the organisers, please visit our websites at www.progressiveeducation.org, www.holisticlearning.co.uk and www.mindfulmagic.info