Why Do We Need Alternatives?

There is a growing movement of people who are looking for something different to conventional education. This is reflected in the increasing number of parents opting to home educate, and the mounting support for alternative, more progressive approaches to education

15 Ways to Reimagine Education

We have been speaking to parents, teachers, education innovators, psychologists and researchers to investigate the reasons for the growing dissatisfaction with our state education system. You can read some of our interviews in our Voices from the Sector section. The concerns that people are voicing broadly fit into the following fifteen themes. Here are the changes that people want to see within state education:

15 Ways to Reimagine EducationRead here…

Do we Need a Reform in Education?

The more we investigate, the more it seems that education needs to be reimagined. People are concerned that it is outdated and not fit for the 21st century, and that our National Curriculum exacerbates social injustices.

Is Schooling in Breach of Children’s Human Rights?

The concerns that people voice and the significant changes that need to be made lead many to believe that conventional schooling is in conflict with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Read more…

Get Involved

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