State School Innovator Voices

Click on the links below to read some inspiring stories from the state sector. Find out how staff at these schools are innovating, why progressive education is important to them and how education could be reimagined for the 21st century.

1. Mike Fairclough – Head Teacher at West Rise Junior School

“Ever since I became a teacher, I have felt that a creative approach to education, and one which puts the child at the centre of their learning, enables children to make the most progress, academically, emotionally and in relation to their personal development.”

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2. Richard Gerver – Former Head at Grange Primary School

“We need to nurture generations who are enterprising, outward focused, collaborative, pragmatic, innovative, entrepreneurial and capable of self-management. Our tradition system is predicated on doing more and more of the same, as efficiently as possible but as Eric Hoffer once said, all that will do is prepare children brilliantly for a world that no longer exists.”

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