Parent/Carer Voices

Click on the links below to read some of our interviews with parents/carers to find out why progressive education is important to them and how education could be reimagined for the 21st century.

1. Kirstie Gran – Parent and trainee holistic family health coach

“Rather than just following what has always been done and thinking that is the only way, we should all ask ourselves what ways of learning are the most supportive of our children.”

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2. Ross Mountney – Home educator and author

“I would like to see a complete reversal in the school climate of test orientated learning… Opportunities for young people to be better in charge of their subjects.”

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3. Jessica – Unschooling mum and educationalist

“Be aware that schooling is not compulsory. Education is and it can take many forms. The most valuable parts of education often happen outside of, and in between any curriculum.”

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4. Katy Zago – Unschooling mum, accountant and fundamental rights advocate

“The current school system is stuck in a wrong paradigm, in a wrong idea about the child’s needs.”

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5. Sarah – Ex-teacher and unschooling mum

“Essentially [unschooling] means that education is consent based and curiosity led. Our children decide what, how and with whom they learn. Learning in our family is a partnership.”

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6. Sam Evans – Parent and progressive education advocate

“Children need to be allowed to be children, and learn things naturally rather than force-fed information that is often useless for general life and forgotten once the test has been taken.”

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7. Victoria McConnachie – Ex-teacher, forest school leader and flexi-schooling parent

“Through having a balance of both learning at school and home, she has more opportunity to be a child.”

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8. Melissa – Ex-teacher and home schooling mum

“I would encourage parents that want to home educate to do so. You don’t have to be a trained teacher. And keep learning yourself. Show your kids that they don’t stop learning. It’s a lifelong pursuit.”

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9. Kata – Parent at democratic school, Summerhill

“My children can decide what and when to learn and can play freely as long as they want to. Bullying is not tolerated and is well managed. They learn at an early age to take responsibility for their actions and they learn democracy in the best possible way, by practising it.”

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