Researcher/Scholar Voices

Click on the links below to read some of our interviews with researchers to find out why progressive education is important to them and how education could be reimagined for the 21st century.

1. Rachael Summerscales – Childhood and Early Education Researcher

“We should not be shutting down creativity and waiting until children border adulthood for them to re-engage with their passions – it should be a natural continuation of opportunity to evolve and discover.”

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2. Sue Haynes – Researcher, Author and Former Teacher

“I believe that many progressive teachers are creating renegade “pockets of freedom” in their classrooms to promote authentic learning – flying under the radar. We need their stories; they need our support! Phyl and I believe that a true transformation of status quo education will come from an awareness of human potential that is seeded and grows from within.”

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2. Dr Gina Riley – Educational Psychologist, Clinical Professor, Author

“People generally equate schooling with learning, and that is a huge myth. Kids learn all the time… unschooling is the best example of the application of intrinsic motivation in education, as unschooling is all about students’ utilizing their own interests and strengths.”

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