Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning combines Ed-Tech/online learning opportunities with in-person learning communities. Here are some of the pioneering organisations which support this approach:

Kubrio Dojos


Kubrio is an online school for kids aged 8-18 years. They plan to partner with entrepreneurial educators and parents around the world to create in-person centres (or ‘dojos’), so students can have the opportunity to have the best of online and offline learning, and community.

“Uncover Learning Opportunities Anywhere You Go. Take your online learning into the real world.” 

Kubrio was founded by worldschoolers and so the idea is that families can join established learning communities while they’re travelling the globe.

You can listen to this InspirEd podcast in which Vlad Stan, co-founder of Kubrio discusses the future of hybrid education with Christopher Pommerening, the founder of LearnLife (see next listing below).



Learnlife is a group of changemakers united by a passion to create a new lifelong learning paradigm. They envision that collaborative learning communities will become the problem-solving champions in a world where agility, creativity and innovation will be needed to solve future challenges. In Barcelona, they are growing their first learning hub, an innovation community where they explore the new learning paradigm.

They are looking to expand their offering to include online learning.

KaiPod Learning

Kaipod Learning

At KaiPod Learning Centers, 8-10 online learners or home educated young people come together in-person to work on their coursework and collaborate with their peers, supported by a KaiPod Coach.

“Kaipods are in-person learning pods for online learners and homeschoolers. Your child gets a community. You get support.”

  • Keep the curriculum that works best for your child. Whether it’s an online school or a homeschool program, Kaipod supports your curriculum choice.
  • Choose a 2 day, 3 day, or 5 day plan. They’re open from 8am – 3pm, but your child can join a pod as much or as little as you’d like.
  • At your KaiPod Learning Center, students are able to get academic support, participate in enrichment activities, and socialise with their peers.

You can find Kaipod learning centres in various locations in the US.

Brave Generation Academy

Brave Generation Academy (BGA) Founded in 2021 in Portugal, BGA is a new alternative to secondary school, whose mission is “Empowering young generations with the resources they need to succeed in life, through educational and personal development programmes”.

Their hybrid model includes in-person learning hubs, combined with online academic provision, and flexible timetables means students do not have to be on-site all day and families can also go on holiday when they like. BGA now has over 50 hubs in 9 countries all over the world, supporting nearly 1,000 learners.


Moonrise is an online platform, combined with beautiful in-person spaces:

“There’s so much to explore at your local Moonrise. Whether it’s the makerspace, the music studio, or our library with a rolling ladder, we’ve designed everything to inspire imagination and encourage hands-on learning. But we don’t stay in one place. Our expert guides offer incredible experiences throughout the city like clubs, workshops, field trips, and family events. We even go abroad once a year.

Moonrise empowers creativity, wellness, and play without sacrificing academic performance or socialization. It’s a model of education that’s more accessible, affordable, and convenient, leaving kids happier, more creative, and prepared for the future.”

Their flexible model means kids can arrive anytime between Monday and Sunday from 9am-6pm.