Other Innovators

This website outlines some of the pioneering approaches to education that have emerged over the years, some of which were established decades ago, others centuries.

However, not all schools and learning communities align themselves with just one approach. They may share some of the same values but all settings are unique and take inspiration from different places.

Directory of Education Providers

You can search for schools and learning communities in our directory by approach. Those which don’t fall into a distinct approach type have been given the category of ‘Other Progressive’.

State School Innovators

Sadly, most of the progressive education providers in our directory have to charge fees. Many of them aspire to being accessible to all – and regret strongly that they can’t be now – but without government funding, this is currently a challenge.

However, there is some wonderful work being done in the state sector. Have a look at our Voices section for inspiring examples showing how state schools are innovating and thinking outside of the box to reimagine education and enhance the student experience.

Other Innovation Initiatives

There is a growing movement of people working to transform the education system. The appetite for change among parents, teachers, young people, researchers, psychologists, businesses and progressive education providers is huge. Between the efforts of the pioneers who have been educating ‘progressively’ for years, the activists campaigning for a socially just education system which realises children’s rights, educationalists who strive to enhance the student experience and changemakers excelling the movement for change, perhaps together we can reimagine education and make the vision a reality.

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