Online Resources for Learning at Home During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Six weeks into lockdown, you might be looking for new inspiration for home-based activities for children and young people. We’ve pulled together 10 blogs and articles which list hundreds of imaginative ideas for online learning at home.

1. Freddies Mummy UK

Lists over 80 free or cheap online home education resources:


2. Clinical Psychologist and Home Educator, Dr Naomi Fisher

The 27 apps that will keep children entertained:


You might also be interested in Dr Fisher’s article on how we can ensure that children continue to learn and thrive during the school closures:

The Psychologist Magazine: “School’s really out…”, by Dr Naomi Fisher

3. The London Mummy

40 educational online resources to keep the kids entertained:


4. Freedom Homeschooling – Geography

Free virtual field trips which allow children to visit places around the world and even other planets without ever leaving their homes: 


5. Freedom Homeschooling – Science

Science websites for home schoolers:


6. Twins, Tantrums & Cold Coffee

How to keep kids entertained during Coronavirus school closures:


7. Families Magazine

Stuck at home? 17 museum virtual tours to take from your sofa:


8. New Mummy Blog

List of days and times of online classes for kids in Covid-19 lockdown:


9. Chatter Pack

A list of free, online, boredom-busting resources:

10. Digital Mums

Guide to the best digital resources to teach your kids:

The Digital Mums Guide to the Best Digital Resources to Teach Your Kids