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Oct 13
Learning: Lost and Found, by Patrick Farenga

Learning that’s lost in school can be found in many ways, if it needs to be found at all. As a homeschooler and author, I field many questions about the lost educational and social opportunities children face by being out of school, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made the issue of lost learning a deep […]

Feb 20
Catching up from COVID, by Dr Naomi Fisher

Children’s long term well-being depends on being given the time to make sense of their experiences. What will we want to do when finally this pandemic is over, and restrictions are lifted? See people we love, go to places we’ve missed, buy non-essential items in shops, find a crowd and just marvel at how many […]

Feb 20
#ImLearning: Celebrating children’s learning during Covid, by Dr Caroline Palmer and Kathryn Pratt

[This article was originally published on Age of Awareness which is Medium’s largest publication dedicated to education reform.] Join the #Imlearning movement and showcase kids’ learning to squash the “covid gap” narrative With the assumption that only measurable, National Curriculum-based learning is important, the government has identified, and publicised, a ‘covid gap’ in learning. To […]

Feb 09
Let’s change our minds about lockdown learning, and give kids a break, by Naomi Fisher

Naomi Fisher is a clinical psychologist and author.  Her book ‘Changing Our Minds; How Children Can Take Control of Their Own Learning’ is out now, published by Little, Brown. This time a year ago, we’d never have guessed how many people would have spent this year homeschooling.  School seemed as much part of life as […]

Oct 21
Learning from the COVID-19 home-schooling experience: Listening to pupils, parents/carers and teachers

A report by Mari-Ana Jones (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Sara Bubb (University College London Institute of Education): “In Spring 2020, schools in many countries had to close in response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic and move to remote teaching. This paper explores the views of pupils, parents/carers and teachers of ‘home-school’ in […]

Sep 06
Do Students Need to “Catch Up?”

There is much talk in the news at the moment about students needing to “catch up” post Covid-19, but is this extra pressure on parents, teachers and students justified? Here’s a blog post by author and lecturer on education, parenting and human behaviour, Alfie Kohn on this subject: Is Learning “Lost” When Kids Are Out […]

May 22
Learn for Tomorrow. Now.

Parents and the State have an obligation to provide education for all children. To this end, compulsory education has been institutionalised and, depending on the country, it may take place elsewhere than in a school. At the moment, with the Covid-19 lockdown, almost all children are being taught at home. It’s a paradox: compulsory education […]

May 08
Headteachers Call for a Kinder School System

Ten years since Michael Gove’s reforms began, coronavirus shows up their failings, says the Headteachers’ Roundtable – and offers a chance for change. Ros McMullen, a founding member of the Headteachers Roundtable says: “Headship can be very lonely, and people are frightened of being sacked or exposed. Michael Gove’s mantra was about giving heads control, […]

May 01
Online Resources for Learning at Home During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Six weeks into lockdown, you might be looking for new inspiration for home-based activities for children and young people. We’ve pulled together 10 blogs and articles which list hundreds of imaginative ideas for online learning at home. 1. Freddies Mummy UK Lists over 80 free or cheap online home education resources: Https://freddiesmummyuk.com/homeschooling-websites-uk/ 2. Clinical Psychologist […]

Apr 07
The New World of Home Learning, by Ian Cunningham

It is 2 April 2020 and we were in the early stages in England of the coronavirus or Covid-19 crisis. Schools have been closed and many problems are occurring from this. One example is around the well-being of children. Walker, 2020, comments that even at this early stages of the crisis, the National Society for […]

Apr 07
School’s Really Out…

Clinical psychologist, Dr Naomi Fisher with an update to her recent article, as children learn at home during the coronavirus pandemic. “On a global scale, this is unprecedented. Never have so many children been educated at home. Whilst this isn’t the same situation as home education, because schools still hold the responsibility rather than parents, […]