How Would a Martian View our Schools?

  • Why lessons? Why 50 minutes?
  • Why a patchwork timetable?
  • Why age cohorts?
  • Why sitting still?
  • Why so little visual material… images… film?
  • Why the neglect of the internet?
  • Why written examinations?
  • Why confuse fast, error-free recall with intelligence?
  • Why focus on the markable when life is so remarkable?
  • Why try to prepare kids for life by taking them out of life for so long?
  • Why so much verbal explanation and so little experimentation?
  • Why, why, why…?

This transcript was taken from a presentation entitled ‘School is Very Strange!” by Guy Claxton at the 2023 Rethinking Education conference in London. Guy Claxton is a cognitive scientist, education thought leader and prolific author interested in expanding human intelligence through research, writing and education. You can follow him on Twitter: