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Mar 27
Shrinking Children, by Sophie B Lovett

One of the main things that often strikes me about the young people who learn and play with us at Maverick Learning Community is how much space they take up! Physical space, and also space in our hearts and minds as adult facilitators in co-creation with them. At capacity, we have 3 adults for 18 young people […]

Dec 18
How Would a Martian View our Schools?

This transcript was taken from a presentation entitled ‘School is Very Strange!” by Guy Claxton at the 2023 Rethinking Education conference in London. Guy Claxton is a cognitive scientist, education thought leader and prolific author interested in expanding human intelligence through research, writing and education. You can follow him on Twitter:

Sep 06
Learn How to Set Up a School

If you dream of setting up your own school, to create something outside of the conventional, authoritarian education system, this is your chance to ask an expert who has been there and done it! Following the success of our ‘Ask the Expert’ webinars for start-up part-time learning communities for home educated young people, Limitless podcast host, […]

Apr 12
Not A Chance: How Self-Directed Children Find New Things to Learn, by Dr Naomi Fisher

When I start talking about self-directed education, one of the first questions which comes up is, but what about exposure? Surely children don’t know all the things which are out there, and it’s our responsibility to make sure that they do? Isn’t that what an education is all about? How can we leave Maths ‘up […]

Nov 25
Going, going, gone. What the sudden rise in home education does (and doesn’t) tell us about the school system, by Anna Dusseau

Recruitment, retention, results. This was what I gathered from my first meeting on the Sixth Form Management Team (SMT), back in the early teens of last decade. We called it the ‘3 Rs’ and it formed the basis of decision-making within our Sixth Form, an ambitious offshoot of the competitive inner-London academy I was employed […]

Nov 25
The impact of school on young people’s mental health: a UCL doctoral student shares his findings, by States of Mind

With our youth-led research project, Breaking The Silence, we’re exploring the impact of the UK’s educational system on young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Today we hear from Jaspar Khawaja, a doctoral student at the UCL Institute of Education, who has been collaborating with us in recent months to develop the research. Asked about the […]