Webinars for Start-Up Schools & Learning Communities

Are you thinking about setting up your own school or learning community? Or perhaps you’ve been running for a while but you’re still exploring different educational approaches and practices. This year’s webinar series aims to guide you on your path to creating a progressive, holistic community where young people can thrive outside of the conventional, authoritarian school system.

Please save the dates of our forth coming webinars, facilitated by Limitless podcast host, Alex O’Neill!

Wednesday 28th February

Do Schools/Learning Communities Need a Curriculum? Panel discussion and Q&A with Rosina Dorelli, Sean Bellamy and Sophie Christophy. 7.30-9.30pm GMT.

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Tuesday 26th March

Collaborative Decision Making with Young People. Discussion and Q&A with Kate Coleman (East Kent Sudbury) and Lucy Stephens (The New School). Are you exploring governance and how to make decisions collaboratively with young people? This webinar aims to help you understand the differences between a majority vote approach vs sociocracy. 7.30-9.30pm GMT.

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Tuesday 30th April

Sociocracy in Education Workshop

The Sociocracy in Education workshop is a hands-on introduction to the sociocratic decision-making process, which can be applied in schools, learning communities and families. Sociocracy is a democratic method of governance based on dialogue and inclusion of all people in the decision-making process, whereby all voices are heard. Decisions are made with the consent of everyone in the circle, so that in the end nobody has an objection.

This workshop will be run by Marianne Osorio and Charlie Shread, the founders of Wondering School. 7.30-9.30pm BST.

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Wednesday 22nd May

Choosing a Legal Structure. Louise Garner from the School for Social Entrepreneurs will be running a workshop to take us through the different types of legal structures. Perhaps you’re deliberating between Ltds, charities, CICs, CIOs etc, and can’t decide which one is best for your setting. This session is not specific to schools or learning communities but will give an introduction to the different types of legal entities and the legal implications of each one. 7.30-9.30pm BST. Registration details coming soon.

Wednesday 5th June

Supporting Neurodivergent Learners. Introducing Helen Daniel, a teacher, mentor and public speaker on the topic of neurosensory divergence. She has an MA in progressive autism studies, is trained in early communication strategies and is the founder of Outside The Box Sensory. Helen focuses on shifting paradigms towards neurodiversity affirming practices.

In this 2-hour workshop Helen will discuss sensory accessibility within educational settings, shedding light on the way unconventional pattern spotting creates ‘spiky learning profiles’. She will also address the barriers that many SEND learners face in terms of the social and sensory aspects of conventional schooling and will propose practical and straightforward multi-sensory strategies to assist SEND learners and enhance their wellbeing. 7.30-9.30pm BST. Registration details coming soon.

Tuesday 2nd July

Establishing Values and Guiding principals. Tomlin Wilding and Maz Wilberforce are the founders of Hawthorn Small School, a new alternative to mainstream schooling which is opening next year in the New Forest, Hampshire. They say,

“Every part of Hawthorn Small School is considered and purposeful. We live our values and guiding principles and use these to make the decisions that govern how we run the school, the organisation, the team and how we show up everyday”.

They will be running a workshop to help start-ups pin down their vision, core values and guiding principals. 7.30-9.30pm BST. Registration details coming soon.