Age Range

11-16 years

Opening Hours

Part-time: Each week during the 8-week-term we offer 6 hours in person and 3 hours remote.


Democratic/Self-Directed Education

Metaforlearning: Beyond School

Metaforlearning isn't a traditional school. It's a community of practice, a group of people that share a passion and learn together through regular interaction.

Our program thrives in the realm of creativity and self-directed learning. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with cross-curricular traditional learning, spanning ethical education, science, sport, languages, arts, design, digital and AI literacy, and many other areas. We aim to also highlight the importance of other less popular and also less traditional learning strands.

We don't dictate what or how they should learn. Instead, we let young people take charge, making decisions about their educational journey. There's no one-size-fits-all approach here. It's about creating a learning environment where each person can thrive in their unique way.

In Meta for Learning, every voice matters. It's a place where decisions about the community are made collectively, ensuring everyone has a voice in shaping the learning space.

We're not confined to a single approach. Some parts of Meta for Learning emphasise collaboration, while others focus on individual growth and portfolio or exam preparation. It's this mix that makes our community open, active and inspiring.

We ask parents with children over 13, aligning with our commitment to ethical AI use, to explore on our wesbite our Ethical Manifesto. Your engagement is crucial as we navigate the educational landscape responsibly and with a focus on ethical innovation.

Contact Details
  • Meta for Learning CIC
  • 16 Chenies Street
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