I was a Teenage Governor

These papers are the reports of the first and second stages in the ‘I was a teenage governor’ project, organised by the Institute for Public Policy Research in partnership with the Citizenship Foundation and Derry Hannam – Specialist Consultant in Pupil Participation.

This was intended to be used as a practical tool for any school considering the appointment of its pupils as Associate Members of Governing Bodies.

I WAS A TEENAGE GOVERNOR, Project report phase 1 – Pupil Governorship: initial thoughts and possibilities

I WAS A TEENAGE GOVERNOR, Project report phase 2 – Pupil Governorship: Initial Preparation and Experience in the Project Schools

About the Author

Derry Hannam is a retired deputy head teacher of a Derbyshire community comprehensive school and school inspector. He is currently an international consultant in Education for Democracy and Human Rights.

Hannam’s book, Another Way is Possible – Becoming a Democratic Teacher in a State School has recently been published as an e-book by Smashwords. You can order it here.