Support for Schools to Make Learning Fun

Holistic Learning

Holistic Learning

Founded by Kimberley Cooper, a mum, passionate teacher and Forest Schools Leader, education researcher and learning-through-making enthusiast. Holistic Learning offers consultancy, tutoring and workshops for any learning community interested in facilitating enquiry based child-centred learning.

For example, the offering includes co-designing:

  • Creative curricular that starts with the child and links back to the National Curriculum (starting with enquiry and students’ interests)
  • Integrated opportunities for outdoor learning and play-based pedagogy
  • Strategies/workshops for developing 21st Century and metacognitive skills
  • ‘Nurture’ packages tailored to develop learning communities’ holistic approach to education.

“I believe learning should be playful, fun and bring about feelings of creativity, confidence, calm and fulfilment, regardless of your age!”

For practical tips and ideas for bringing the joy back to learning, we recommend following Holistic Learning on Instagram.

Steps In Time

Steps in Time

Steps in Time offers a series of one actor hour-long interactive history shows modelled around the Key Stage 1 & 2 National Curriculum. Using costumes, music and authentic artefacts, the hustle and bustle of times gone by are brought to life.

“Steps in Time is based in Kent and covers East and West Kent, East and West Sussex, Essex, Surrey and Central/South London. If you fall outside those areas then please contact us to discuss the possibilities of visiting you.”

You can follow Steps in Time on Twitter.

Enhance Opportunities for Play and Outdoor Learning

Here are some initiatives you can get involved with to enhance opportunities for play and outdoor learning.