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Jun 27
Progressive Education Events Line Up

June  15th, 11am BST – How can educators prepare students for adult life? Live webinar in the Progressive Education Group:- Ortal Green will share with us how, through Design Thinking, Glittering Minds programme for schools enhances students’ resilience, problem-solving, communication, creative thinking, empathy and collaboration skills. Simply join our Facebook group to attend and the webinar […]

Feb 17
A New Educational Paradigm for the 21st century, by Dr Ian Cunningham

Just a week before writing this piece, the CEO of a major company and I were discussing what the educational world needs to provide for his leading edge business. After discussion, he emailed me the list that follows. These are his words. “Building the right mindsets, critical reasoning, understanding of biases, creative thinking and problem […]

Jan 13
The Student Experience of Self Managed Learning (SML): Evidence From Research

By Nicola Sankey, March 2008 (with Introduction by Dr. Graham Dawes) [At the time what is now Self Managed Learning College was Called ‘South Downs Learning Centre’. The name was changed after this report was produced.] Originally designed for adults, Self Managed Learning (SML) has more recently been adopted with young people through the work […]

Jan 13
‘This is the Best Thing in School’: Self Managed Learning at Uckfield Community Technology College

By Andrea Hazeldin, Deputy Principal and Head of College, Uckfield Community Technology College, 2013 Introduction The title is taken from a comment made by a Year 8 student at the College. This article outlines the approach that prompted that comment – and others such as ‘I’ve learned more from these five sessions than in my […]

Jan 06
A Summary of Research on Self Managed Learning

The material in this document is just a small snapshot of the extensive evaluations carried out on Self Managed Learning with young people. It includes parents/carers views of the Self Managed Learning College (SMLC) in Brighton and extracts from a follow-up study of former students of SMLC. Download the Full Report https://www.progressiveeducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/A-summary-of-research-on-Self-Managed-Learning-3.pdf