Tag: Innovation

Aug 13
The 20% Project for Schools – A Modest Proposal, by Derry Hannam

What young people need It seems to me that the crucial commodity that young people need in order to find and deepen their interests and identity, and to learn how to live with others is TIME. Time to think, time to wonder, time to question, time to create, time to hang out with their friends, time […]

Jun 22
Do Schools Kill Creativity? By Ortal Green

Education shapes our children’s future. But does our current education system provide our children with the learning environment they need to thrive? Unfortunately, our education system still operates on a twentieth-century traditional pedagogy where education has been about transferring knowledge to students. This pedagogy was designed for past requirements and doesn’t meet current needs. Today, […]

May 03
Real World Learning: School 21 and XP

Here is a report by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), commissioned by the Edge Foundation (published June 2019), which presents the findings of research into real-world learning (RWL) in School 21 in Stratford, East London and XP School, in Doncaster: https://www.edge.co.uk/documents/9/real_world_learning_xp_and_school_21_june2019.pdf While the emphasis in each school was slightly different – School 21’s […]

Aug 19
Staff of 2030: Future-Ready Teaching

In the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Staff of 2030: Future-Ready Teaching report Esther Wojcicki advocates “20% time” to introduce self-directed learning into the schedule: “This should be “innovation or ‘moon-shot’ time where students are given freedom to come up with their own idea of what they want to do, what they want to study, and how […]

Mar 11
What is a 21st Century Education? By Ian Cunningham

Some people have suggested that the only change from Victorian schools to those of today is from black to white – blackboards have changed to whiteboards. We still have classrooms that are not much different from the 19th century with curricula that have progressed little since then and with lessons of standardised times delivered in […]