Tag: Education

Dec 08
Educational Rights (for Dummies!), by Katy Zago

How can we recover respect for human rights in education? There’s a reason for the ambiguity of my title. Too many people seem to ignore, through ignorance or negligence, the true meaning and purpose of the right to education. So it is essential first to recall the purpose—and then to question its implementation in practice, […]

Jun 10
Collaborative Decision-Making: the beating heart of classroom learning, by Dr Geraldine Rowe

This article describes my doctoral research into shared decision-making in the classroom and offers hope and encouragement to teachers and school leaders who seek greater collaboration with their pupils. In my mid-fifties, having worked as an Educational Psychologist for over 30 years, I decided that I needed to find a way to reinvigorate my professional […]

Nov 19
Schools are prioritising academic achievement over wellbeing and growth, by States of Mind

With our youth-led research project, Breaking The Silence, we’re exploring the impact of the UK’s educational system on young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Today we hear from Jaspar Khawaja, a doctoral student at the UCL Institute of Education, who has been collaborating with us in recent months to develop the research. In our previous […]

Jun 11
Education: Time For a Change? By Zoë Neill Readhead

I would rather Summerhill produced a happy street sweeper than a neurotic Prime Minister” A S Neill, pioneering funder of Summerhill School A lot of things are emerging during this lock-down period that people had not really noticed before. Things about our lives, about ourselves, things about our friends and families too. Surely such recognition […]

Jun 06
Free to Learn? By Dr Pam Jarvis

What is ‘freedom to learn’? Arguments on this point stretch back into history. For example, Alfred the Great of England (849–899) expressed a wish for children of ‘free men’ to be formally taught to read English and for those boys with the aptitude to ‘be brought to higher office’ to learn Latin (Cunningham 2006, p.51), […]