Tag: Diversity

Jan 25
The Canaries in the Mine, by Jo Symes

This text that follows is the Prologue from the book, Square Pegs: Inclusivity, compassion and fitting in – a guide for schools What if our ‘square pegs’ aren’t the problem? What if they are actually the canaries in the mine, alerting us to the mounting problems in our education system? In her book, Troublemakers: Lessons […]

Jul 03
Diverse Educators Call to Action

Context: Since July 2020, Diverse Educators have held a quarterly Diversity Roundtable with national stakeholders invested in, and committed to, a system-wide strategy for collaborating on a DEI strategy in our schools. They collectively wrote to the DfE, the SoS, the NSC and the Equalities Team on March 1st 2021. They are yet to receive […]

Nov 14
Let Us Unleash All Potential, by Katy Zago

Diversity? Financial sustainability? Creativity? Let us unleash all potential! As an active member of the Luxembourg Treasury Association (ATEL) for about 20 years, I had the honour of being one of the rare guests to attend this annual conference like no other, given the health circumstances. Indeed, times are changing, and for the first time this […]