Support for Schools to Prioritise Environmental Sustainability

ThoughtBox Education


ThoughtBox works within a framework of regenerating education, to cultivate the knowledge, skills and practices we all need to engage and thrive in a new paradigm.

“As the world transforms, so must our education systems. It’s time to regenerate – to make sense of the world and cultivate our innate human values so that we can be well in our lives, feel valued in our communities and live in balance with our planet.”

They have created their widely acclaimed Climate Curriculum which has been downloaded by over 4,000 schools across 74 countries. They offer a participatory and immersive workshop which will give you the tools and guidance to create whole school engagement across all aspects of climate change, with practical steps and progressive strategies to learn how to talk with young people about the climate crisis – and why it matters that we do.

An introduction to a whole-school curriculum on the climate crisis from ThoughtBox
A short training video for educators and parents on how to respond to the rise of eco anxiety in young people.

Ministry of Eco Education

The Ministry of Eco Education (MEE) is a collaboration of teachers working together to place sustainability at the heart of education. They aim to bring together all the best sustainability teaching resources available into one cohesive and holistic curriculum for all primary schools in Britain.

“We have rearranged the national curriculum around broad enquiry questions to provide the kind of education that’s needed today.

We are working with 15 pioneer schools around the country to pilot the new ‘green’ curriculum over the next academic year. Our mission is to reach 10,000 schools – half of all primary schools – by 2025.”

Earth Warriors Global

Earth Warriors

Earth Warriors offers a school curriculum for primary students. Their mission is to empower 2 billion children to take climate action through age-appropriate climate education.

“We focus on 3-11 year olds because starting young is essential to build life-long sustainable & climate-positive habits.”

Here’s a short animation they made in partnership with the National Geographic Society:


Planetari is an educational platform aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They aim to reach 100 million children within 5 years and their core offering is a subscription ‘Makerzine’ which empowers children with the knowledge and skills to be the innovators, entrepreneurs and global citizens who protect the planet and its inhabitants. They say:

“In the past three decades, one-third of the planet’s natural resources have been consumed. Depletion of natural resources is outpacing the planet’s ability to replenish them.

History tells us that the next generation will emulate the behaviours of the last, repeating the same patterns of consumption and production. If we fail to create and enact solutions that improve current patterns and fail to use natural resources sustainably, the world’s natural environment will no longer safely sustain human life.”

Planetari founder, Cindy Forde is also the author of the optimistic and inspirational new children’s book, Bright New World: How to make a happy planet.