Support for School Leaders/Teachers

Progressive Education Group

Please feel free to join our friendly community in the Progressive Education Group on Facebook.

This is a growing international forum exploring alternatives to conventional methods in education. We have thousands of members including teachers, school leaders, academics, researchers, parents, education innovators, changemakers and psychologists, as well as students and young people.

Come along and join our discussions around bringing progressive practice into the mainstream classroom.

Learning Pioneers

Founded by Becky Carlzon, co-author of ‘Powering Up Children‘, Learning Pioneers is an online professional learning community, built by teachers for teachers. They offer a learning programme where teachers can follow their own professional interests, they invite the world’s leading speakers to answer co-created, tailored questions, and they create a safe, welcoming, inspiring learning space where members can interact with, learn from and troubleshoot with schools and practitioners across the globe.

“Why not collaborate with world leaders in developing successful learning communities to embed powerful professional learning programmes in our schools, and commit ourselves to making this the most impactful, caring, inspiring and innovative place it can be?”

The Innovative Education Network

Hosted by the Royal Society for Arts (RSA), the Innovative Education Network seeks to support the development of a more inclusive, equitable, and adaptive learning society for all. It is open to everyone interested in learning and education, whatever your expertise or experience.

“Working together to improve everyone’s experience of learning and education!

Our aim is to encourage and support positive and productive connections, as well as the development and sharing of good practice and outcomes. To do this we host events, create online networking opportunities, and share resources and support for those who wish to make a difference to individuals and communities.”

Surviving Teachers

“The aim of this group is to support teachers and facilitators in mainstream education who do not agree with the coercive and harmful nature of it, but rather are advocates for change and self-directed education.

We also want to offer support to those who are leaving the system in finding their new path and create bridges between both worlds.”

You can find out more about this project, including the Surviving Teachers mission statement, events and contact information at

Rethinking Education

“A community of people from all walks of life who want to rethink this whole education thing!”

Founded by Dr James Mannion and Kate McAllister, authors of ‘Fear Is The Mind Killer: Why Learning to Learn deserves lesson time – and how to make it work for your pupils’, the Rethinking Education community is a space for sharing ideas for how to rethink education at a number of levels – education policy, school leadership and what we can do as individual students, teachers, parents and carers.

Well Schools

Well Schools is a free, UK-wide movement for change and community of practice, created by schools, for schools, which is committed to putting the wellbeing of staff and pupils at the heart of education.  They believe that:

– Wellbeing impacts on student’s self-belief, aspirations and learning.
– Teacher’s wellbeing underpins great teaching.
– Wellbeing in schools can be a reaction to poor wellbeing rather than the promotion of positive wellbeing.
– Environmental and social changes affecting young people’s physical and mental development demand different approaches to education.
– The changing world demands broader education outcomes.

“A Well School places just as much emphasis on wellbeing as it does on academic performance. It understands that children and young people are more effective learners when they are happy and well and that they must take care of their staff and their pupils’ wellbeing to create a culture that allows everyone to reach their potential.”

Diverse Educators

Diverse Educators Site Logo

Diverse Educators‘ vision is that everyone is celebrated in every classroom in every school:

“We are committed to moving the agenda forwards regarding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our school system. We work with state schools, independent schools and international schools to support them with their DEI strategy and their DEI training needs.”

They have their own Diverse Educators Mighty Network, which is a closed community platform for DEI conversations to take place in a positive, supportive and safe space.

Story Workshop Studio

  • Are you an educator committed to not going back to “normal” in a post-pandemic world?
  • Are you a school leader hoping to support colleagues as they reimagine their work?
  • Are you dedicated to growing your practice of playful inquiry?

Story Workshop Studio is an online community filled with colleagues eager to grow with you. Here, you’ll find inspiring, provocative invitations that spur meaningful conversation and exchange, catalyze reflection, and encourage innovation. 

“Members come from all parts of the world, teaching and leading in a wide range of schools for children (usually ages 3 to 11, but sometimes younger and sometimes older.) We share images and stories, read, watch, and listen to a range of texts, and connect with each other through an inviting platform and realtime meet-ups. Together, we support each other to create the kinds of learning communities upon which healthy living depends.”

What School Could Be

Founded by Ted Dintersmith (author of the book ‘What School Could Be’, an account of “teachers in ordinary circumstances doing extraordinary things”), the What School Could Be initiative is a community-powered platform for professional development.

“We created What School Could Be to bring together educators passionate about re-imagining school in ways that prepare students for life, not for high-stakes standardized exams. We’ve seen what our educators can do, and know that there is so much potential – in our students and in our teachers – just waiting to be unleashed. Our goal is to help you unleash this potential, together.

Check out more about us on our official site at!”