Campaigns Working on Climate Change Education

Teach the Future

Founded in 2019, Teach the Future is a youth-led campaign to urgently re-purpose the entire education system around the climate emergency and ecological crisis. They are calling for:

  1. A government commissioned review into how the whole of the English formal education system is preparing students for the climate emergency and ecological crisis.
  2. Inclusion of the climate emergency and ecological crisis in teacher training, and a new professional teaching qualification.
  3. An English Climate Emergency Education Act.

You can get involved by writing to your MP, subscribing to their mailing list, and if you are under 22 you can join their team of volunteers. Follow them on Twitter at @_TeachtheFuture.

Students Organising for Sustainability

SOS-UK is a student-led education charity focusing on sustainability. They would like to see an education system repurposed around the climate emergency and ecological crisis:

“Sustainability should be woven through every subject like a golden thread. Every student should be a sustainability student. The education system should serve as a force for good in response to the challenges society faces.

Together, we’re shaping education to create a fairer and more prosperous society for everyone.” 

You can sign up to take action on their website.