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The Role of the Adult; facilitating a happy and fulfilled childhood

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50+ hours of Certified Online CPD/CLPL course for practitioners working with children


The A.S.Neill Summerhill CIC is very excited to announce that the Role of the Adult online course will take place again this Winter! We also have a special £50 OFF offer for all who will register their interest by the 20th of November 2022.


This course aims at helping practitioners working with children explore some of the core values and concepts that have been at the heart of A.S.Neill’s philosophy and Summerhill School’s practice for a hundred years.


It will engage participants in a reflective and impactful observation of their practice, focusing on healthy relationships, social-emotional well-being and a happy, fulfilled childhood. It will stimulate adults’ resourcefulness and capacity to free children’s emotions and break down barriers restricting their development.


The course offers 50+ hours of certified training. Out of these, 30 hours will be of live interactions and 20+ hours of independent learning. Presentations, group activities, discussions and workshops as well as books, articles, academic papers, films, interviews and stimulating exercises will offer participants a broad understanding of the topics addressed; all these through a bespoke interactive virtual workspace.


Please find the full details about this course here: https://www.asneillsummerhillcic.co.uk/online-course-autumn-2022

Online or In-Person: