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Playing with Wolves and Other Wild Metaphors

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Online course


At Rewilding Education and in many other places, metaphors from the natural world are frequently used to explore what is happening in human contexts. Mycelium networks as ways of communicating. Bees and the hive mind. Storms, tidal waves, rainbows. Harvest times and hibernation. But are these metaphors useful? Can they help us to understand ourselves and to connect with and be part of the wild world? More specifically, how might they be used to explore education and how we might want to make changes to education systems?

This four-session online course by Rewilding Education takes a playful approach by using metaphor and stories from the natural world to explore serious questions and conundrums in education.

Starting Wed 8th March. £50

Full details and registration at: https://www.rewildingeducation.org/playing-with-wolves-and-other-wild-metaphors

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