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Looking Out: Rewilding Our Practice and Settings

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3-day camp


How can we hold spaces for living and learning differently?

It is not always easy to see the alternatives. One of the biggest challenges in creating new ways of educating, teaching, or facilitating is that there are so few models, no clear blueprints. Every setting is different, and facilitators can feel like they are making it up as they go along. What can we each do, in our unique place?

This three-day camp by Rewilding Education is about developing sound practice. It is not about telling you exactly what to do as that would be impossible. Each setting and every educator is different. What they will do, however, is provide you with a framework so that you can work out, for yourself, what you want to do in your own context.

27-29th May. £250

Full details and registration at: https://www.rewildingeducation.org/looking-out-rewilding-our-practice-and-settings

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Ivybridge, Devon