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How to Set Up a School: Live Q&A with Lucy Stephens

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If you've ever been inspired to set up your own school, to create something outside of the conventional, authoritarian education system, this is the first in our webinar series that gives you a chance to ask an expert who has been there and done it!


Come and meet Lucy Stephens, Founder and Director of The New School, a democratic, non-fee paying independent school in London.


The New School believes that democratic schooling promotes social justice and equity in education, and they are sharing their outcomes to create a wider conversation about education in the UK. They believe that education can, and should, be at the forefront of promoting social change. Founding principals of The New School include:


1. Democratic Governance

The New School uses the principles of sociocracy so that young people can experience democratic participation in a meaningful way. The Circle system is used as a form of governance for staff, but Circles also take place in each class at the beginning and end of every day, for young people to challenge, raise concerns, address problems and be heard. Everyone participating has an equal vote and right to speak regardless of their age or job title.


2. Student Voice

Giving young people the confidence to speak up, be heard, and engage with school life, in the full knowledge that their needs and opinions will be taken seriously, supports them to develop their individual identity, but also is a means of developing the skills and learning to be inclusive, responsible members of a democratic society.


3. Respectful Relationships


The New School creates strong relationships between teachers and young people, working in partnership, using the principles of restorative justice. They also have small class sizes, and value multi-age grouping.


4. Authentic Learning


They believe that learning should be engaging and connected to the real-world and the lives and interests of young people.


5. Inclusion


Their belief is that education should be accessible to all and should provide a truly inclusive learning environment that celebrates difference.


6. Community


Teachers at The New School strive to build great relationships with their families, working to understand families’ culture particularly if it’s different from their own. They also empower young people to identify solutions to wider societal problems and to create projects that benefit and enrich the lives of the local community.


If you feel inspired to set up a school, please join us for this live webinar!

The session will be an open Q&A with a chance to create some next steps if you want to take your school start-up idea further. You will be provided with a worksheet in advance to take notes and a chance to share your thoughts and next steps at the end of the session (if you want to). Facilitated by Limitless podcast host, Alex O'Neill.


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