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How can schools put relationships at the heart of what they do?

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Panel Discussion


Our expert panellists will discuss how schools can nurture a network of healthy relationships within which young people can thrive.


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School should be a place for forming lasting friendships and learning from role-model teachers. This can be undermined, however, by the systems we put in place to keep things running.. How can schools put relationships at the heart of what they do?


The questions to be explored include:

  • How can school systems undermine healthy relationships?
  • Why is relationship-forming important in childhood development?
  • How can teachers run their class on relationships, not rules?
  • How do hierarchies affect learning in schools?


This is the second of three events organised by Human Scale Education. The goal is to answer the question “What does it mean for education to be human scale in 2022 and beyond?”. The main discussion will last 40 minutes and will be followed by a 20-minute Q&A with the panellists.

You can download the first discussion in podcast form here: https://anchor.fm/humanscaleeducation


The discussion will feature:

  • Avril Newman, Headteacher at Sir William Burroughs School
  • John Yandell, Associate Professor at the Institute of Education, UCL
  • Martha Wright, Founder of Mindful Music & Dino Disco
  • Nikki Levitan, Co-director of The Visionaries
  • Stan Pinsent (Host) and Jen Altamirano Smith (Support), Coordinators at Human Scale Education

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