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Do Schools/Learning Communities Need a Curriculum?

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Are you thinking about setting up your own school or learning community? Are you confused about what type of curriculum to offer?

Maybe you’re considering offering your country’s National Curriculum, or perhaps you’re looking for a holistic alternative, which places more emphasis on mental health, wellbeing and 21st century life-skills. Or maybe you’re considering having no curriculum at all, favouring a more self-directed, consent-based approach. This webinar aims to help you explore the various options.

You are invited to meet three experts from various educational settings, each one offering a different perspective:

1. National Curriculum

Sean Bellamy is the co-founder of democratic school, Sands in Devon, UK. At Sands, students follow the English National Curriculum, but they have the freedom to opt in and out of the lessons on offer.

2. Da Vinci Life-Skills

Rosina Dorelli is the co-founder of the Biophilic Education Alliance (BE All), which has created a holistic curriculum called Da Vinci Life-Skills. Rather than teaching traditional subjects, they offer mentoring in five transdisciplinary ‘real-world’ projects. It is currently being piloted in Bali, Bermuda and Cambridgeshire, UK.

3. Consent-Based, Self-Directed Education (No Curriculum!)

Sophie Christophy is the co-founder of consent-based, self-directed learning communities, The Cabin and The Lodge on the Hertfordshire/Essex border, UK.

Sophie is an education visionary and innovator, bringing Consent-Based Education to life in theory and practice. With years of practical experience in creating and holding consent-based, self-directed learning community, her in-depth theoretical, philosophical and personal understanding of the transition to this new education paradigm means Sophie can not only paint a clear picture of this change in action, but answer your ‘how to?’ questions too.

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